Adereth Olam

I speak Thy Truth, My Truth Thy Is
I say Thy Truth, My Truth Thy Is
I Am Thy Truth
I Am Thy Love
God Almighty Am I
God Bless Thy Thee
This, my Beloved Ones, is the psalm that we, from the other side of a Veil yet not totally revealed to you, sing while speaking of Adereth Olam.
Adereth Olam, My Beloved Ones, is a very special and peculiar Energy, for it is a comprehensive frequency, a frequency that encompasses all twelve Flames of Creativity – Creativity of Life, of all that exists, of All That There Is.
Creation in itself cannot be if there weren't any Life in it, if there weren't any mere and simple form of Life in its very notion, in its very concept of being.
And being, My Beloved One, is All That There Is –
It is God Almighty
It is the insect, the bird, the animal, the plant, the flower, the tree, the stone, the whole planet Terra to which we give the name of Mother Nature.
It is Man and Woman who live upon its land as also below and above it.
It is all aspects of human beings that exist all over Earth and beyond.
It is the planetary Solar System, the Milky Way Galaxy and all the other worlds within that vast Universe of US ALL – It is everything!!!
This, My Beloved Ones, is no news to you. You know it well, you perceive Life fairly well; you even went beyond your physical and technological abilities to understand Life for the benefit of Medicine, for the benefit of all that exists around you –
Yet you have missed the very fundamental understanding of Life – You have missed Life itself. And let me please explain thy words of mine to you:
All twelve Flames of Creativity of Life are Flames that prepare you for that very moment – the moment where you have ascended and enlightened yourself to this very stage where you can inhale and exhale Life at its utmost form of purity, at its most subtle gentle yet so tremendously powerful frequency of Energy that renovates and regenerates all, within and without you, as literally as it is.
All twelve Flames of Creativity of Life take you step by step along your spiritual path to reach that very moment where you can say: "I have known Life Itself. I have known its inners ways as its outer ones, those inside me as well as those below or above me. I have known all twelve Flames of Creation and now I have joined Life, I have known Life". Well Dear Ones, this is the utmost purest and highest form of Enlightenment a man has achieved so far, and that is indeed what all of our guidance and support is aiming at – So that each one of you would reach that phase of Life, that phase where human has already encountered all his origins, human and cosmic alike, where he has come to the understanding that Life is not just simple living and existing by set of human fixed systems of rules, but also and mainly understanding that Life Is All, that Life is God Almighty, that Life is Truth, pure Love and Light combined together in a mixed dance of Creation, in a mixed dance of Knowledge of Thy Self –
And isn't that what we have all preached to you, dear Ones – Know Thy Self have we asked you for ages upon ages of Times, Know Thy Self so that you can know Life, understand Life as a whole, as the source of All That There Is.
The frequency of Life is the very same frequency and vibration of Adereth Olam.
Adereth Olam, dears, is by its ancient Hebrew name the Sacred Cloak that hugs and surrounds all living forms with Great Compassionate Love and Light alike.
This yellowish golden white colored Flame is by its very concept of Life, a Flame of instant and immediate Cosmic Medicine to ALL forms of Life, to all existing forms of Life existing on Earth and beyond.
Adereth Olam is the Flame that takes all methods and systems of healing you have been given so far, as a cosmic gift for your dedication to ascension and enlightenment, and unites them all to become One, one simple and subtle yet so efficient form of Energy that cures everything, everyone, from the simplest weed to the tallest and largest being.
And let me please be as crystal clear as can be – It is the Flame that takes all that is known and still in use today and leaps them upwards from the 3D realms of existence and consciousness to that of the 5D, 6D, 7D and even beyond if you were apt enough to regenerate it within your whole being. It boosts everything known so far without eliminating it, but rather giving it a tremendous boost that will allow you to adapt, to coil and regenerate whatever is old and unnecessary and make it up to date, relevant to your whole being at this very moment of Life, of Existence.
You can, therefore, see the power that is being given into your hands, a power for you to wisely use, that makes up for generations upon generations of Human suffering, of human challenges of tolerance and compassion upon all.
So my dear Beloved Ones, can you see the glorious efforts of yours? Can you perceive the subtleness of this wonderful Flame that is being given to you as a very precious and dear secret of Life?
We urge you, Dears, to make your outmost efforts to reach your ascension to that level where Adereth Olam is part of your Life, integral and inner part of your being.
We urge you to use it in your own methods and systems of Healing, be it Reiki in all its known forms, be it Sekhem in all its various frequencies, be it all forms of natural and physical forms of Healing you are exercising –
For, Adereth Olam lifts up everything to that level of the 24th Inter-Dimensional and Multi-Dimensional Level of your DNA, of Earth's DNA. It takes all 12 Flames of Creativity of Life to unite them all, to make that one Energy upon which stands Life itself, upon which whatever does not resonate with the Truth of God Almighty will not survive, will not exist.
Truth, purest Truth is the virtue that is given to you with it –
And from then on all conspiracies will be denoted, all lies will be exposed, all that is not true will be revealed – all my dear ones, all of them – not just those between people as individuals or as nations, but mainly and most of all between you as human beings flesh and blood and us, your obedient Masters of Life from the other side of this Veil.
That is why so much is being revealed regarding your origins, your family or cosmic origins; that is why so many people are nowadays exposed to their painful Karmatic past, so that they can learn the Truth about themselves, so that they can learn and understand who they really are –
Beams of Light and Love, Beams of Life, of All That There Is, Beams of God Almighty existing within yourselves, and residing in each one of your Beloved Hearts, of your most Beloved Hearths –
So are we, so are you – So are you, so are we.
As above so below. As below so above.
And so, my Dearest Human Beings, so it comes that I, The Avalon I Am, The multi consciousness of Av-Ra-Ham I Am, saying these words of mine to you –
Blessed All Thee
Blessed Thy Ones who know Thy Self
Blessed Thy Ones who cherish Love, who encompass Light, who exercise compassion, patience and tolerance for everything, for everyone –
For you are all so Beloved and revered, you are all so cherished by us all –
All Masters of Love and light
All Masters of Above the Veil; And on behalf of US all, I am truly Yours,
From my Loving Heart to your Beloved hearts and Minds,
Adama The great Priest,
Adama who is none but Me, The Avalon Am I, The Supreme Enlightened Consciousness of Av-Ra-Ham Am I, Yahweh and Prime Creator Am I.
Shalom, And Greetings to you all, My Beloved Ones.
And, Post Scriptum, My Dears,
I know my very final words today have come as a great shock or surprise to some of you. Some have already discerned my cosmic identity along the various channellings I have been giving, mostly in Hebrew, some have not.
For that, my dears, a very special channeling is due to explain it all, to explain the various identities, the various concepts of God Almighty, of the Angelic and Masters Kingdom of Light, of Love. And so I promise to do, for there is only Truth, for no more secrets or concealing are being allowed.
So, for now my dears, I pledge you to take my words as Thee, to take them as truthful as Adereth Olam is, representing Peace and Love and Light upon this miraculous Earth.
In deepest Love and Light, I Am truthfully Yours,
Adama, The Avalon I Am.
Channeled By:
Rachel Goutman, Israel
Spiritual Guide and Teacher,
Founder of "Returning Home"!/rachel.goutman
On: May 2nd, 2013.