I am The Avalon of the Magnetic Field. I am The Avalon of the Malach-Tzedek Divine Order of Love and Peace, of the Cosmic White Brotherhood of Light –
I Am That I Am And All That There Is
I Am ME.
Today, my Dears, today is a day of transition, a day where Earth as a whole have shifted its poles, while making its quantum leap from the 3D level of consciousness to that of the 5D, to that marvelous place where humans begin to realize Earth's full potential of existence.
Today Earth and All That There Is on this beautiful Blue Planet of Free choice have come to an understanding that each and every one of you is a Divine person, a Divine extension of All That There Is.
I wish today, The Avalon I Am, to speak about Faith, to spread my willingness of Joy, Love and Compassion to all those who are ready to listen, learn and accept as is – for this is the true challenge of humankind all along the various periods of history: "Na'asseh Ve'nishma" – נעשה ונשמע. Two ancient Hebrew words forming this sacred expression of Life itself – And it should be regarded indeed as its profound meaning of the Hebrew language, meaning that is beyond the simple and literal translation of the words.
And it is all about Faith, My Dears, all about Faith – For Faith is the most crucial ingredient in your spiritual work, it is the most vital component in this most extraordinary path you have decided to take while beginning your awakening and spiritual ascension towards communication with your higher self, with that Sparkle within you that is God.
Faith, my beloved ones, has become a very controversial issue. It has become the basis of doctrinal religions and beliefs; it has become a synonym word of so much importance and reverence, all in the name of God Almighty. And I ask you, Dear beloved Ones, I do ask you indeed: What is Faith? What really lies within that so important word that causes you, all along the history of mankind, to crusade and fight and war one against each other?
Is that the only way you can see or express your Faith? Is it the one and only way Faith should be regarded? Understood?
Before you start to answer me, Dear Beloved readers of my words, think well, think and look deep within thyself, within your soul, your inner and profound soul. And there, surely, you will find the correct answer, that same answer coming from your deeper insight and understanding of All That There Is.
For just one moment, Dears, for just one single moment of your Life, put aside your intellect; put aside all you have learned about your personal and social beliefs – for that is OLD, that is suitable to the 3D learning and understanding of things; it is no longer suitable for your new position and understanding of Life.
For you have progressed, my Dears, you have made this final and tremendous effort towards alignment with what Love is, with what is the true human meaning of Love and Light. Indeed, you haven't achieved that by doing nothing! You have worked hard to align yourself with those energies of Love and Light. You have worked so hard to adapt your physical whole being to all the new frequencies and vibrations of pure energy that have being sweeping Earth for more than two and a half centuries by now.
Look at what you have done!!! What a great achievement! Such a wonderful and marvelous work of Cosmic Art!!!
I Am Avalon, The Avalon I Am, and time has come, time has come to reveal some of the most kept secrets of the universe, the most puzzling data and information you were all waiting for. It is time to better understand your D.N.A coils, to better know the essence by which your life is being made possible, in short, to fully understand why, amongst all planets, Earth is the most revered one! Yes, my Dear Ones, the most revered one!!!
It is true; information already flows and reaches your minds and souls.
All around the globe, many people get information and revelations about codes and keys that are crucial to understanding human, to understanding Mother Earth.
Many people are enlightened by knowledge coming from all parts of the universe, knowledge regarding the development of human along its various periods of history, knowledge about human civilizations as well as their dawns and falls, knowledge about your origins, yes, your cosmic origins, knowledge about almost everything that is of interest to you – and your Crystalline Grid is expanding ever more, your Crystal body is growing and regenerating itself to allow such information to come down and flow through you, through your Higher Self, your inner Being, just to recalibrate again in the ever-changing Electro-Magnetic Fields of yours.
That is how information is being made possible for you. That is how Mother Earth Herself adapts to these required changes – for SHE also prepares herself to the most exciting event of all – Rebirth.
And Rebirth it is indeed!!! You can already see that, sense that, feel that! New Earth is about to reborn; and it is all due to your tremendous effort of Love and light, due to your inner will to accept this very simple yet so difficult cosmic law of all - "Na'asseh Ve'nishma" – נעשה ונשמע. These two wonderful yet so demanding Hebrew words which mean: Let's do first, by full and inner power of Faith - Faith in ourselves, Faith in our abilities , Faith in our determination and willingness to transform ourselves, Faith that will take us a step further, a step toward Divinity. And then, my Dear beloved Ones, only then shall we listen, shall we learn, shall we understand our deeds. That is "Na'asseh Ve'nishma" – נעשה ונשמע. That is what it really is. And THAT is Faith!
For, indeed, Planet Earth is renovating itself. Planet Earth is rebirthing anew!!!
Thank you My Beloved Ones; Thank you My Beloved Friends and Light Workers all around the globe; Thank you so very much for being co-workers with the Universe, for being co-creators with thy God Creator.
It is with great excitement and anticipation that I am looking forward to bringing you my next words,
Love and Light to you all, My Beloved Ones, Blessings and Shalom upon you, Dear Beloved people of Earth
For I Am That I Am And All That There Is
I Am Me, The Avalon