I am Evelon of the Magnetic Fields. I am Evelon of the Cosmic order of Peace. I am Eternal Malach-Tzedek, Master of Masters of this highly regarded and revered Cosmic Order of Justice, of Love. I am an etheric Being who decided to help humanity on a very special mission, and that is of saving Earth from foreseen and foretold destiny which is about to take place these very coming days. I wish to explain my words, elaborate them and refer them to the most fearful and unspoken knowledge of all – Nibiru. A lot have been said and told by your ancestors as well as by their own ones. A lot of information has been given by those who came close enough to Nibiru via personal spiritual work, yet none have really and fully understood its magnitude as well as its importance for renovation and transmutation. As human
beings, all they have concluded is that it might be a hidden planet somewhere around Sirius, hidden from any human sight because of destructive purposes.
This was their conclusions based on mathematics and astronomical calculations, this was also the Mayan's conclusion as to the end of humanity at the end of Earth Year 2012; yet, none of what they have foretold or foreseen is really and fully true, except one thing – they understood that it brings an end to an Era, that it carries with it destruction, hence the annihilation of humanity, of every living thing.
Well, before I continue on, please let me calm you, let me appease your doubts and fears – none of this whatsoever is about to happen.
Yes, Earth as a planet will continue to change, as it has been doing for so many years by now, but no cataclysm or Armageddon in any way that the human imagination has been building along the years is about to occur, that I can assure you for grant. I cannot and would not say that there won't be any earthquakes or tsunamis or any other natural disasters, as you would call it, yet none of them are going to be different from what you have already known and experienced.
This is natural. This is Earth renovating itself at its own and steady pace.
Therefore, dears, my words are aimed at calming the turmoil that you have been building around Nibiru, to evaporate some of the fog and mystery that you have been cloaking around it along the years.
Evelon am I, Evelon of the Magnetic Fields, co-worker with my beloved friend Kryon, co-worker with the Ascended Masters of Peace and Love.
Evelon I am, only second to God Almighty, and as I've said before, I Am That I Am And All that There Is.

So please let me tell you this –
Nibiru is not a solid planet as thought of by many of human beings along the lifetime of this humanity; neither is it a vague planet or an etheric one, although some have pictured it like this.
Nibiru is ENERGY
Nibiru is Energy of LOVE
Nibiru is LIGHT, waves and photons alike.
And Nibiru approaches Earth and its entire Solar System every twenty six thousand years approximately, bringing change and innovation.
This change is necessary for the continuity of every species; it is a must in every planet, constellation or galaxy.
Nibiru is the cause of expansion as it is the cause of reduction, it is the reason why so many catastrophes around the globe are being experienced, for Earth itself is renovating, Earth is changing. And whatever is Earth is you, dear ones, whatever belongs to Earth belongs to you, for you have chosen to live on it at this present experience of life, you have chosen to share your life with Her.
I am not going to elaborate on this issue since it is a whole different subject to talk about; I will tell you only this – You are as much responsible for Earth's climatic and geographic changes as it is Mother Earth's duty to shift Herself and change every twenty six thousand years. Lady Gaia is calling you to listen to Her. She is calling you to LOVE Her as a whole.
To conclude, please remember this – wherever there is LIGHT, LOVE you would find, whenever LOVE you feel, it is LIGHT you share. One cannot go or come without the other; one cannot exist or create without the other. LOVE is what you see these days, it is what you feel and think.
I bless you all with thy God blessing; I bless you all with thy words to say:
Bless you all dear ones
Bless you with Thy LOVE
Bless you with Thy LIGHT.