I am The Avalon of the Magnetic Field. I am The Avalon of the Malach-Tzedek Divine Order of Love and Peace, of the Cosmic White Brotherhood of Light –
I Am That I Am And All That There Is
I Am ME.
And it is of Peace that I would like to address my words to you today. It is about pure and genuine Peace that I am talking about, that you all seek, whether for personal or for global reasons.
Please understand and remember thy, My Beloved peoples of Earth, please remember that it isn't only of the welfare of peoples that I'm addressing you these words of mine, but mostly for the sake and welfare of Lady Gaia, Mother Earth.
These present days Earth has entered a phase of profound and significant changes in all forms of Life, in all forms of events and circumstances. Earth is undergoing a comprehensive revolutionary route whilst adapting itself to this new plane of the Fifth Dimension of consciousness, and entering that of the Sixth and the Seventh planes as well. For, long ago have I told those who have listened to me that this Fifth plane is just a springboard, just a first step of adaptation towards a much more thrilled and excited form of Life.
Peace, my dear Beloved Ones, is a form of ENERGY. It surrounds Earth, filling its magnetic and electrical fields, regenerating its Crystallized Grid of Light and Love for Eons of times along its long and old history of existence.
Peace, My Dearest One, is the most sacred and honored form of Light, the most powerful means of communication between Angels and Etheric Beings, thus making it the most powerful means of communication between humans, animals, plants and everything alive on Earth and beyond.
So it isn't just about its literal meaning that you should consider Peace, My Beloved Ones. Indeed, as it ought to be, you see it the most honorable pact humankind should respect all over the world, and that is well my Beloved Ones, so well.
Yet, I am asking you, my Dear Ones, I am asking you again and again: How is it that you have turned its expression to a devastating tool of war?!? In our Supreme realms of above, beyond the Veil, it is unconceivable, unacceptable by all means, whereas in your physical realms of Earthly existence it has become a matter of routine, a way of intimidating Men and Women alike amongst their own cultures, of intimidating and frightening neighboring peoples and civilizations alike.
Thus My Beloved Ones, with all Thy respect of ours to you by choosing that most honorable role of Becoming a Human Being, I am asking you to look deep in yourselves and ask yourselves –
Do you really and genuinely want and wish for Peace? Indeed with all Thy hearts and souls and self-beings, as you so love Thy God Almighty, do you wish to enroll real and genuine Peace in your own hearts, places, states, countries, near or afar?!?
And I am asking you, My Dear Ones, I am asking you thy question:
What really do you gain from this longed for Peace? Is it truly and really in the name of security that you make so great effort to increase your arsenal and warfare while facing those you call 'enemies'? Is it genuinely the illusion that more kinds of warfare would bring you the security against those who wish to kill you and have literally no shame in declaring it loud and clear?!?
I am telling you this, I am asking you this question that touches your very profound Being, your very profound soul and mind, because THIS is NOT the Purpose of this Earth of yours! Her Role and Purpose are that of A Bridge of Peace, a bridge of Peace and Truth, of Brotherhood and Comradeship, of Joy and Songs – This is Her Role amongst nations, this is her Role among Worlds in this vast and entire Universe!
And the Land of Israel, the Land of Abraham is nothing but a Bridge for Peace, the entire Middle East, as a whole, is nothing but a Bridge For Peace, a Bridge Of Peace – as it is suited and entitled to be so, as it suits its geographic position between continents, being a Sacred Land Bridging Old and New.
I do wish to enlighten more my words, My Beloved Ones, for my words are addressed mainly to those of you who deal with Politics, to all of you, Dear politicians around the world and especially in the Middle East –
In the so many countries of yours I see what is done. We, Sacred Supreme Beings and Angles of the Universe, we see your deeds: A revolution comes after a revolution; regime replaces regime promising to make "the necessary changes for a better society" whereas, in fact, acting as their predecessors, listening to their people yet making hollow promises for future improvements, not really wanting to make the real and genuine changes that will bring a long and lasting Peace; We see useless and vain killings; We see violations of human Rights; We see rapes of women for just being a woman, a wife, a daughter, a girl; We see deceit and malice, greed and intimidation, since, because of your role as leaders of your countries, leaders of the World, you allow such a behavior to be…
And just with the tip of my tongue have I expressed my protest towards you, Dear Ones. Only with the tip of my tongue am I putting in front of you a mirror to show you theses deeds of yours. It isn't the path of Truth but that of deceit; it is not a path of Peace but that of dispute and war. And allow me please, My Beloved Ones, allow me to remind you that above all, you make Peace with thy enemies, a real Peace that will bring this same longed for peace of mind to those humble men and women, citizens of the world, Lovers of Man and God Almighty.
And THIS is Life My Beloved Ones, This is the Life of a Men and a Women who have chosen to become so, who have decided to make a change in this magnificent world. And everything beyond that is futile, My Dear Beloved Ones, everything is just minor events of Life, nothing more than human Ego trying to find so called honor and respect and finds nothing but rulership and intimidation.
Therefore, My Dearest Ones, therefore I come forward to you and pledge and say to you my words:
Go, my Beloved Ones, go and genuinely act for the sake of Peace between brothers and nations, act and bring True Peace to thy honorable work of yours – and may you be as a beacon of Light to all peoples.
And Our Beloved Prophet Isaiah prophesized to you (chap.2, 4):
"…and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more". And still I add my own prophecy to you: "Should this be done, Shall God Grant you This Land to inherit worldwide, Land of Milk and Honey and Glory are for Thy All, Land of Lemur-Ya".
And the way toward Peace is very short, my Dear Ones. Only one deed is required… Put your weapons aside, put aside any will of war, any will of rulership and control. Man cannot control unless using means of Force, and this ISN NOT Thy roles as Human Beings walking on this Earth, it ISN NOT thy mission on this Land.
By doing do you do not lose a bit of your own respect and honor as a Human Being, on the contrary! You bring Great Honor to Man for being a Man, You bring Greatness and glorify true Honor and Respect as it is due to thy Human Spirit who chooses in these times of global transformations to come down to Beloved Earth and change it!
Indeed, Earth and Humanity transform in theses very days, Earth and Humanity change from top to bottom in these present times. Poles have changed, shifting the equinox so that main and crucial discoveries will be made in this coming future; new vibrations of Love and Light will be felt; new frequencies adapted to the Fifth and Sixth and Seventh Realms of Dimension will continue affecting your Electro-Magnetic Fields and Sacred Crystal Grids , and above all – a new Human is born, a fully aware human Being, knowing exactly his/her Sources of Life is already alive, small children, toddlers and adolescent alike, have come to this beautiful Blue Planet of ours to make a change.
These, My Beloved Ones, are just few of the transformational changes that are coming ahead…
And I, The Avalon, I put myself forward and stand by YOU in this challenging voyage for Peace and Love…
And all of us, Supreme Beings and Angles from above the Veil, We are All at your service and by your sides, supporting you, as above so below –
For bringing Peace into your Sacred hearts
For making Peace amongst friends, amongst peoples alike
For Bringing Peace to Mankind
For Bringing Light and Love to you Human Beings
For you to know that wherever you are, whatever is your Destiny and Purpose of Life , whatever is your faith and religion, Peace is Upon YOU, Peace is UPON each and every one of you.
Peace and Blessings and Truth and Glory to you all My Beloved Ones
The Avalon.
Channeled by:
Rachel Goutman, Israel!/rachelgbn