The 12th Flame of Creation - The Flame of Purity

The Order of Melech-Tzedek Are We.
Lord Master Melech-Tzedek Am I.
I Am Lord Sananda as most of you know me so well.
And I Am Supreme Being, The Avalon Am I, Supreme Creator, Prime Creator of all Creations, of all Creators I Am.
And 12 are We – 12 Great Masters of Light, of Peace, of Love and Compassion.
And on behalf of this entire Corpus Vitae I, The Avalon, would like to speak these words of mine, on behalf of this entire Cosmic Hierarchy I would like to say Thy words: Earth's population has finally reached its critical mass of elevation, it has finally reached this phase of enlightenment by which Earth is now ready to face Truth, ready to know Truth.
Up to these days you have worked so hard, Dear Ones, you have done so much, each one of you according to your own pace and capacity, to open yourselves and others to new Codes, to new Spaces of Consciousness, to new Cities of Light, as you call them. You have worked so hard to bring Light and Peace and Love to those places crossed by warfare, filled with sadness and agony. Wherever you went Love went with you, wherever you came Light and choirs of colors and music followed you, bringing Peace to wounded minds, bringing Healing to all those involved, Present and Past.
One by one, according to your capabilities, you have reached a phase in which each of the Flames of Creativity of Life was exposed and presented to you. Most of you already know all 10 Flames; very few of you have learned firsthand the virtues of this magnificent 11th Flame of Life, The Flame of Eternity.
And for that, my Dears, We are so grateful. We are grateful for each effort of mind, for each effort of soul. We are grateful and honored to serve you at the most Sacred moment of human history – The revelation of the 12th Flame.
This revelation had not been made possible if it weren't for Adereth Olam, this magnificent and subtle higher frequency of Love and Light that come to you from the Realms of the 12th multi-dimensional levels of consciousness; Yes Dears, the Twelfth Dimension of Consciousness, which in its turn evokes the 24th inter-dimensional Layer of the DNA. And all missing Layers will be revealed to you soon, all of them, each one at its due place and time. By doing so, My dear beloved Ones, We continue Kryon's work, Kryon who is my Dearest and Beloved Celestial friend of Us, by doing so, we continue this great work of Cosmic Art done by Our human friend, Mr. Lee Caroll, who has shared Kryon's and Cosmic knowledge with you and made it known worldwide.
So now, My Dear Beloved Ones, so now can you understand the crucial importance of the 12th Flame of Creativity of Life. For it is of Pure and exquisite Love and Light that We are talking about, it is of Purity in All That There Is that this Flame is all about – For, as long as there is the slightest doubt of faith, Purity will not be complete; Purity will hold you back, so that you can go even further within your souls and minds – to search, to quest, to learn – and then, and only then can a Master be called upon to celebrate the day, to joy with his student this marvelous achievement – That of Life, that of Truth, That of Wisdom, and most of all that of Tolerance, of Compassion to All, even to Thy worst enemies of yours, even to the most resentful person upon Earth –
For they have come to learn too, they have come to experience too.
The 12th Flame of Purity comes from the Realms of God Almighty. These are the prairies through which humans come and go each day and night to learn their human cosmic history, the history of who they truly are, of their true and genuine inter-dimensional origins – cosmic and humans' alike.
In doing so, humans bring Love and Light to all those in need, whether they are places, souls or situations; in doing do, they bring their healing Love and Light to cure wounded souls and painful bodies, to south and comfort harmed and distorted minds.
Moreover, in doing so, they bring forth the notion of camaraderie, of friendship between people, between nations, between humans and Mother Nature – They bring Peace upon Earth, they bring the Energy of Peace to all its surrounding Solar System, to the entire world We refer to as The Milky Way Galaxy, to the entire Universe which encompasses other worlds, other civilizations, other Beings.
Well, that My Dears, answers the most asked question of all – You are NOT alone in this vast Universe, you have never been alone My Beloved Ones, for We have been here all along, following you, helping you, guiding you, and if necessary reincarnating ourselves in order to bring Peace, in order to make the change from within.
Well, My Dear Beloved Ones, this is it! Today is a Day of celebration! Today is a Day of Joy, simple and humble Joy that fills our hearts with Love and Light – This very same Love and Light that We send back to You –
From Our hearts to your hearts,
We Are,
The Order of Melech-Tzedek.
Lord Master Melech-Tzedek.
Lord Sananda.
Supreme Being, The Avalon.
Channeled By:
Rachel Goutman, Israel
Spiritual Guide and Teacher,
Founder of "Returning Home"!/rachel.goutman
On: April 24th, 2013