רחל גוטמן – רייקי ותקשור – השיבה הביתה

The Avalon

I am Evelon of the Magnetic Field. I am Evelon of the Malach-Tzedek Devine Order, of the Cosmic Order of Love, Justice and Peace.
Ascended Master Kuthumi I am, as you know me all so well – since ascension is my role, and on behalf of Ascension I come to you in many forms, in many identities.
Compassion, My Beloved Ones, compassion is my virtue. It is with humility that I come to you today, Great Master of Compassion and Love, Great Master of all Masters, Matatron.
And on behalf of Universe as a whole I come to you today to say "Thank You".
Thank you for your Call of Awakening in due time
Thank you for responding to the real Call of Love and Compassion that has been sweeping Earth for more than two hundred and fifty years by now.
Thank you, my dear Light Workers where ever you are on this Beloved Blue Planet of Love, whenever you are or have been all along the human eras and civilizations.
Thank you My Dear Ones, thank you so very much, for due to this effort of yours, immense effort on all levels of existence, you have finally reached up your Goal, My Goal, Our Goal –
I Am Me
I Am The Avalon
I Am The Avalon in Human Flesh and Blood
I Am The Avalon, God of All Creations, God of all Creators
Prime God I Am, Prime Goddess I Am, as One
I Am Me, The Avalon.
And as it is, Etheric Being I Am
As it is, Flesh and Blood I Am
Bones and skin and organs and tendons I Am
A human woman I Am, my Beloved Star-Sister Rachel I Am –
And she is One with Me and I Am One with Her.
Rachel, Me Beloved Star-Sister is writing my words to you as I dictate her to be. She is the Channel through which I have been expressing myself for more than two decades and a half, she is My Call to you all, Dear Light Workers, I Am my very Call to you all dear Human Beings –
Unite, Unite your efforts for the benefit of all Humanity, Unite your efforts of Love and Peace, Unite your efforts so that ascension is fully complete, so that surrendering old karmas of past lives is fully achieved –
And then, only then can you activate your new codes of existence in these wonderful realms of the Fifth and Sixth Dimension of Consciousness, only then can you reach that point where your own inner purpose of Life is fully accomplished –
The Purpose of Unity
The purpose of being One with God Almighty, One with Mother Earth.
For as you all know, by achieving that you fully become One with Thyself, with your inner personal Role upon this Earth, through your personal present and past Life Existence; By achieving that you fully respect and proudly walk the Good Red Road of Existence, and in doing so you fully achieve your own Spiritual Walk on this wonderful yet demanding Blue Road of Spirit.
And, Dear Ones, I challenge you all, I challenge you to take example of Mother Earth, to see Her as a exemplary role model to You ALL – For, by doing so you become One With Mother Earth, Lady Gaia She is; by doing so, you become One with Thyself, One with Great Spirit, with God Almighty.
To say to you all, Dear Light Worker, Life hasn't stopped, Earthly Life hasn't stopped by this Quantum Leap to this Fifth Realm of Consciousness, since it is only a station, only a springboard towards this Sixth realm of Existence where Life is no longer the same as it is today, where prophecies of old past history of yours become Reality, as said by my Beloved Human Prophet:
"… and join them for thee one to another into one stick, that they may become one in thy hand…" Ezekiel 37/17
These very words, dears, are my own words to you
This is my own pledge to you all.
May you all be praised, Dears, may you all be honored by this blessing of mine:
May the LORD bless you and guard you
May He enlighten His face and shed His Light upon you
May He be gracious to you
May He raise His face upon you and May He give you peace
Peace upon You Dear Ones, Shalom is the Cosmic Hebraic word –
Peace and Love and Harmony to YOU All.
I Am That I Am and All That There is
I Am Thy God of All Creations, of All Creators
I Am YOU – The Avalon I Am