רחל גוטמן – רייקי ותקשור – השיבה הביתה


I am Evelon of the Magnetic Field. I am Evelon of the Malach-Tzedek Devine Order, of the Cosmic Order of Peace.
I am talking to you in Peace, it is with Peace that I am addressing you my message today.
I come to you in Love.
I come to you in Compassion.
You all know my name by now. It is the name of the ancient Hebraic people which goes far back to the very early eons of times.
I wish to speak to you about the Hebraic people. You all believe that their origins go back to "Avraham Avinu", the unquestionable forefather who created today's people of Israel.
Well, by no doubt it is true; it is an unquestionable truth for today's generation, this generation who has come out of the ruins of its previous ones – that of Atlantis, that of Lamuria.
My words here are meant to clarify one important axiom which you should all accept as is – each generation, each group of human beings along the ages of time had its own magical and charismatic leader who succeeded in conveying the message of unity, the message of God being the only forefather of every generation of every ethnic group at every given moment in time and space.
How come am I telling you this now???
Although the answer to that was and still is within yourselves, I decided to make it clearer, more understandable to you all.
Today's generation, your generation, has its dawn its beginning at the collapse of the previous one, that of Atlantis. So much there is to say about Atlantis, about Lamuria as well; I will say a few words about these magnificent civilizations later on; yet what is important for you to understand right now is that your very own generation, springing out of the devastation and ruins of Atlantis, has almost failed in its mission, in the most revered mission of all, and that is to unify, to reunite in your soul and mind so that these would become one, these would unify with the One. I said "almost" because we were already witnessing your own devastation, we were watching your hand made destruction. Awakening has started far too late, far too late – but it has started, it has begun. And therefore changes must be done some magnetic changes had to be done. This was and still is Kryon's mission; this is the mission of every etheric Being belonging to the Magnetic Field. This is my mission too.
Lady Gaia Herself cannot but amend Herself to this new situation. She reacts to the new and different tuning which forces Her to change, forces Her to move. Lady Gaia has to amend and renovate, She has to unify with you all, She must tune herself to the new tuning that you are broadcasting to the universe these present days. If you accept that then you are blessed, then you are among those who truly survive the old energies and adapt to the new ones, those talked so many times by my dearest friend Kryon.
The old energies are fading. Those very same energies which followed the destruction of Atlantis on one hand and the renovation of this generation on the other hand, those energies are dying.
It is not news for all energy workers around the world but it is for those who are just beginning their spiritual walk, for those who have started it but were so afraid to do that one step further, for those who have stopped their ascension for one reason or another.
It is great news since now you can make that one step without fear, now you can reach your spiritual path with more ease, more peace in your mind. I challenge you to do so, dear workers, I do challenge you to do so.
The concept of "unity" is not new to you all. Had it not been the case you wouldn't have started the main monotheistic religions of this generation. Yet you seem to have forgotten its most important origin, the real reason why at first place it was created, forged for you so that you would finally come to the true understanding that all of you, everything and everyone is One, and that by vice-versa The One Almighty is everyone, is everything, is all of you altogether.
This concept has been neglected for so many Earth years and to our full satisfaction is has made its outbreaks and its acknowledgement through your whole being, through you inner soul and consciousness.
More and more people around the world acknowledge that simple truth of the universe, more and more people awaken themselves to a new reality, a new existence, a new fact of life – You are all One – One is all you. And for such a bond to exist there must be something, there must be a link, a thread of life which ties all human beings together, which forces that bond between peoples, individuals and Mother Nature.
This bond, this tie is that "sparkle of life" existing within each and every one of you; it is that "sparkle of life" that you mention so many times without really understanding its true significance to you or the full meaning of its very existence in you.
I wish to invite you to make that one step. I wish to invite you to light up this sparkle hidden within yourself and illuminate it, enlarge it thus allowing Love, the energy of Life, of the universe, to unite with you – at least accepting that humble Love of mine,
I am Evelon of the Magnetic Field Force, the Love of Rav-Saraff Evelon of the Divine Malach-Tzedek Order of Peace